a single app home

Savant is a must have for your home. Once you have it you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Those times you are leaving your house and remember you left lights on, to the times you want to set the mood of the living room with the press of one button. Controlling your lights, TV's, stereo, climate, even the temperature in your pool has never been easier! 

Commercial applications

Remotes are the worst thing to deal with in a commercial setting. Always losing batteries or losing the whole remote in general. With 10 or more receivers in a rack it's almost impossible to use a single remote without changing multiple receivers. Savant is a perfect solution for that! Not only does it replace any remote you have, you are able to carry it around in your pocket and make changes on the fly. Managers can carry around iPods, or even use their personal cell phones to change TVs and sound. You can mount a iPad in the wall near the bar so a bartender can quickly change the game that's on a tv for their customer. No longer a need to run back to the rack for anything.


If you've ever dealt with a screen that you are able to have multiple images on I'm sure you remember how tricky it is to get set up. Well not anymore! With Savant Tiling, moving screens around and changing the layout is as easy as touching and dragging. Keep customers happy by being able to have multiple games on a single projector or any size TV you have (It looks great on 80 and 90 inch TV's).


These systems are easily integrated into your existing A/V set up and will save you time and money very quickly. We would love to talk to you and explain all the ways that Savant can help you out in your home or business and how quickly we can get you up and running with your own custom control.